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Jamie Leigh DeVilla, Make Up Artist, Belly Dancer, & Creative!

DeVilla is a make up artist and Belly Dancer here in Los Angeles. Meet the make up artist that probably has a better week-end than you  😉 She is...

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Chris Nelson: Oscar and 2x Emmy Winner for his FX makeup for Suicide Squad & American Horror Story!

Christopher Allen Nelson, Oscar and 2x Emmy Winner for his FX makeup for Suicide Squad & American Horror Story talks about what actors need to know about what FX...

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Arnold Chun from.. Man in the High Castle / Geostorm / The Bold and the Beautiful / Hawaii Five-0 / The Big Bang Theory

Arnold Chun talks us through his journey to his first recurring guest star roles, and the challenges that can bring on your professional and personal life. Check out the trailer...

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Chad Rook, Actor, Writer, Director: War for the Planet of the Apes, The Flash, Supernatural, Siren

Chad Rook, you’ll know him as Clyde Mardon (The Weather Wizard) from THE FLASH, as Zachariah / Desmond / Marshall Todd on SUPERNATURAL, and as Boyle on WAR FOR THE...

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Bomb City with Executive Producer / Actor Jax Pyle and Actor Eddie Hassell

Brought to you by Unfu*k Yourself Purchase by clicking here!http://<a target=”_blank” href=”″>Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life</a><img src=”//″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important;...

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Emmy winner Eddie Perez talks being a Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director, and the difficulties of working on location

2X Emmy winner Eddie Perez talks being a Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director, and the difficulties of working on location while maintaining a work / life balance. Today’s episode...

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14- Director Elias Ganster talks about getting your film made

Elias Ganster Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, and Editor. We discuss the merits of whether of not to go to school for all this stuff. Working with directors and what...

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Derek Wayne Johnson, Director, talks to us about how to get your film made, acting, and being true to yourself

Derek Wayne Johnson (Director, Producer, Writer, Editor) talks to us about how to get your film made, who you should and shouldn’t date in hollywood, and how being yourself...

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Camilla and Craig Jackson, Self Produced Actress and Director: The Milli Show

Camilla and Craig Jackson Having just shot a talk show in their living room titled “The Milli Show”, Camilla and Craig talk about how they got the show produced,...

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11- Pt. 2 John Asher, Director, Writer, Actor

The longest wrap up to any podcast ever, in the history of ever, in podcasting. You’re welcome. We go into Hollywood complicating relationships, and delve into “me too”. Our...

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10- John Asher Pt 1 – Director, Writer, Actor

John Asher The one million ways I know John Asher before we met today. What’s YOUR Bacon Score? Rico beat out another actor already cast for I Hate Kids,...

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9. Robert Craighead, talks Future Man, Acting, and making it in Hollywood

Robert Craighead. Oh those jobs we had before acting…Robert knows Altoona, PA! The moment Jennifer recognizes Robert from his New Girl role! Robert gives up the spiel of his...

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Ep/ 8 Daniel R Hill, Actor from The Resident, Tiger, and Rust Creek.

Daniel Hill talks about how his accent from Louisville, KY has helped his career. What happens when states gain and loose their tax incentives. What it’s like being in...

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Jaby Koay talks Youtube, relationships, and content creation

Youtube Star & Actor Jaby Koay sits down with us to talk about creating your own content, what happens when your channel gets shut down, and how India saved...

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Yorke G Fryer from Extinct and John Patrick Driscoll talk acting and filming in Utah

Yorke Fryer @Bigdaddyfreyer JP Driscoll @Johnpatrickdriscoll Jennifer Lynn Warren @JenniferLynnWarren JP will be on an upcoming episode of SWAT! Shemar Moore is too damn attractive. Yorke Fryer on his...

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Trisha Rae Stahl from Glee and JP Driscoll from Inhumans talk acting and industry changes

Trisha Rae Stahl Twitter @@Trishy2pop Instagram @trisharaestahl IMDB John-Patrick Driscoll Twitter @jpactor1 Instagram @johnpatrickdriscoll IMDB Jennifer Lynn Warren Email your questions at: Follow me at: Facebook Twitter...

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Frank Dietz and Rico Anderson

Frank Dietz Instagram @sketchydietz Twitter @theFrankDietz Rico Anderson @iamricoanderson on Instagram and Twitter We talk about… I Hate Kids… the movie not the continuation of our species....

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Episode 3: Pruitt Taylor Vince on Stranger Things & Acting

Pruitt Taylor Vince Rico Anderson @IamRicoAnderson / Stranger Things: Pruitt’s on it! Pruitt directed me once and made me cry a lot Promote yourself on social media:...

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Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón

Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón Vera Van Guard – Actress, Hand Model, Writer! @veravanguard on Instagram Edward G Negrón – Emmy nominated editor, photographer, and...

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Episode 1: How We Started Podcasting

Welcome to the Involuntary Act!  I don’t think we choose this life it’s a compulsion, we HAVE to create! So join me in conversation with some amazingly creative people,...

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